From weekend projects to unconventional uses, learn more about Xtend+Climb telescoping ladders, step stools, and specialty ladders.

Telescoping Ladders: Fall Cleanup Checklist

Fall is in the air and everyone around you is drinking pumpkin spice lattes. This can only mean …

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Seven Things To Do This Weekend With Your Telescoping Ladder

Summer is well underway and fall is approaching fast, so it’s time to really get going on your …

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Telescoping Ladders in Action: Pinal County Sheriff’s Office Canine Unit

This week we’ve got another example of Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladders in action, this time, as part of the canine …

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Telescoping Ladders in Action: Xtend+Climb Ladders on the Tour Bus

We’re always interested in seeing how Xtend+Climb telescoping ladders are used across the country by professional contractors, do-it-yourselfer’s, …

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Six Best Reasons to Use a Telescoping Ladder

Telescoping ladders are a more versatile, portable, and convenient form of the traditional ladder. As opposed to a …

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Guest appearance of 770P in DIY video

Some of the most inspiring things to see on the internet involve people taking common objects and hacking …

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Sale: 750P Telescoping Ladders on Sale at Sherwin Williams Stores

It’s getting to be that time of year when the chores you put off in the spring just …

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Father’s Day Gift Idea: 770P Home Series Telescoping Ladder

Father’s Day sneaks up on us every year. Three weeks ago, it was Mother’s Day. Then we caught …

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Ladder Humor: Telescoping Ladders vs. Extension Ladders

Q: How many painters does it take to carry an extension ladder into a house? A: Three. Two …

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