Guest appearance of 770P in DIY video

Some of the most inspiring things to see on the internet involve people taking common objects and hacking them to be better, different and unique. Technology always evolves by people using their imagination to transform the tools and objects around them.

Xtend&Climb telescoping ladders are one example of this. We asked ourselves, why does a ladder have to be heavy, clumsy and difficult to store and transport? Utlizing modern design and manufacturing techniques, we’ve improved upon it. The result is a ladder like our 770P Home Series Telescoping Ladder, which is used by people because it’s better. You can store it easier because it closes to a convenient size. This means you move it around in any vehicle, and it’s exactly the size you need it to be, because it opens by the foot.

So, imagine our delight when we find someone taking that same approach to luggage, and then we see them using our 770P telescoping ladder in their shop! This is what technology is for: continual improvement, innovation and inspiration. We’re flattered to make a guest appearance at :38. Check it out, inspiring DIY tips to improving your luggage!

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