Telescoping Ladders in Action: Xtend+Climb Ladders on the Tour Bus

We’re always interested in seeing how Xtend+Climb telescoping ladders are used across the country by professional contractors, do-it-yourselfer’s, or anyone else who finds themselves in a unique situation requiring a lightweight, compact, and versatile adjustable ladder. Continuing our series on ladders in action, today we bring you a great example of how a telescoping ladder, more compact and storable than other adjustable ladders or extension ladders, can really come in handy in tight spaces.


One musician’s national tour bus keeps an Xtend+Climb® 785P telescoping ladder stowed in the baggage compartment, used to clean the bus and climb on top to open up the airflow vents. Obviously there is limited space on a tour bus, so it’s important for this team to get an adjustable ladder that can store away into a small space, that is easy to maneuver, and lightweight.


A 785P telescoping ladder being used to access the top of this tour bus.

Easy to use and easy to carry, the 785P was the perfect solution for the team that keeps this tour bus clean and in good repair. It’s tall enough to reach the top of the bus, and folds down small enough to fit in the baggage compartment underneath the bus. No matter where they roll across the country on this national music tour, their telescoping ladder is always nearby, ready for any job.


Staff for this national music touring bus use the 785P to access the airflow vents on top of the bus.

Don’t have a tour bus to maintain? Neither do we! But there are plenty of other benefits to having an Xtend+Climb 785P telescoping ladder in your toolkit:

  • Has a reach height of 19.5 feet when fully extended. This is comparable to a 19.5 foot extension ladder.
  • Utilizing patented True Telescoping Technology, this ladder closes down to a mere 36″ when not in use, meaning, you can store it in a small closet or cupboard, or even in the trunk of your car between jobs.
  • Built with aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, the 785P weighs 36 pounds, making it easy for anyone to carry from site to site.


For more inspiration on why telescoping ladders are a great addition to any toolkit, check out the Six Best Reasons to Use a Telescoping Ladder.

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