Ladder Humor: Telescoping Ladders vs. Extension Ladders

Q: How many painters does it take to carry an extension ladder into a house?
A: Three. Two to carry the extension ladder and one to spackle the holes caused by bumping it into the wall.

The above joke is attributed to an anonymous (for now) employee who is as passionate as all of us are about our product. Like the best jokes, it’s funny because it’s true.

Traditional extension ladders are products of a previous era. They are bigger and heavier than they need to be. This makes them clumsy to transport in every day situations, like getting it into or out of the house. But anyone who paints for a living knows that trashing the walls of a customers house is no joke at all. Fixing holes takes time, and time is money.

Xtend+Climb telescoping ladders solve these problems using True Telescoping Technology.  The ladders close to the size of a sawhorse, and can be carried with one hand. The 785P Pro Series Telescoping Ladder is our tallest heavy duty ladder, weighs 36 lbs and closes to 36.5 x 19.75 inches. That’s easy to carry through the door, up the stairs and into a room.

It’s pretty simple. Xtend+Climb ladders are easy to store, transport and they get the job done.

By the way, painters use our ladders all the time, and we frequently get reviews and testimonials like this describing why.

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