Xtend+Climb® has been awarded 47 patents for climbing products, which has made us a worldwide leader in climbing innovation and the world’s largest manufacturer of telescoping ladders.


Core Distribution is the owner of United States Patents 6,708,800, 6,883,645, 7,048,094, D624,200, D593,685, 8,015,968.

International Patents ZL200610136032X, ZL2006201493651, HK1119751, ZL2008201371795, 1448865, 2003256951, 2497210, 603110630, 260232, CN2571986Y, 001679838 0001-00, 1971747, 2633352, 6020060152345, and additional pending patent applications in the United States and other countries.


a/o/s, ACTIVE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM, COLOR WHEELS, PERFECT SENSE, SWEET TABLE, TRUE TELE TECH & Design (1), UP UP, X & Design (arrow) (1), XCUSE BOX, XTEND & CLIMB, XTEND+CLIMB & Design (1) are registered trademarks of Core Distribution in the United States and/or other countries.

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