Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladders and step stools. For more information, contact support with a customer service request.


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What is the difference between Reach Height and Ladder Height?

Ladder Height is the distance from the very base of the ladder to the top rung. It is the nominal height of the ladder.

Reach Height represents the average maximum height you can achieve when standing at the highest rung within the safety range (if you are taller than average you will have a higher reach height).

Can the telescoping ladders extend and be used at less than their maximum height?

Yes! One of the key features of Xtend+Climb® ’s True Telescoping Technology is the Individual Rung Locking Capability. Individual Rung Locking allows the user to extend and lock each rung individually as needed which gives the ability to use the ladder at any height between it’s fully retracted position and it’s fully extended position. Click here to learn more about our True Telescoping Technology.

What can I lubricate my ladder with?

We recommend: lubricate your ladder with a dry silicone spray.

DO NOT lubricate your ladder with a petroleum based product like WD40.

What is the tallest ladder you offer?

Our CS165AS+ (250 pounds load capacity) is the tallest ladder, 16.75 feet when fully extended giving a reach height of 20.75 feet with automatic stabilizers and 42% extra step on each rung.  The CS165As+ is comparable to a 20 foot traditional extension ladder, as ANSI standards require a 1.5 foot overlap for every 8 foot segment. When fully retracted into the closed position, the ladder is only 40 inches tall which makes them easy to store, safer to lift and less cumbersome to transport. Click here to check it out for more details.

Where can I purchase your ladders?

You can purchase our ladders online or from a variety of retail stores like a local Fastenal, Ace Hardware, Dixieline, San Lorenzo Lumber, and many others. Our ladders are available online through stores such as, The Home, and many more.

How can I clean the ladder?

In order to keep your ladder functioning properly, it is very important to keep the stiles clean and free from any paint or debris. To clean the ladder we recommend using furniture wipes or rubbing alcohol to clean the stiles and rungs (do NOT use a mineral or oil based cleaner).  You can also use an air gun or a can of air to spray the dust and dirty off the ladder and thumb tab area.

Will the ladder leave a mark on the wall when leaned up against it?

Our plastic couplings are specially designed to keep from leaving marks on the walls. However to be safe, you can completely avoid leaving any kind of mark by clicking here to check out our Top Rung Ladder Covers.

What do I do if my ladder gets wet?

Do NOT use the ladder until it is completely dry!

  1. Wipe the water off the stiles before you retract your ladder down.  If that is not an option, you will need to dry the ladder out before you start to use it again.
  2. To dry ladder, please fully extend it and leave it in a location that allows the ladder to dry for a period of time. ( The amount of time will depend on how wet the ladder got.)
  3. If you notice moisture on the stiles or feel  pressure when extending or retracting a section of the ladder, the water has not evaporated in that section and you need to continue to let that section of  the ladder dry out.  To accelerate the evaporation of the water you can apply denatured alcohol to the stiles.

How should I store my ladder?

Since our ladder’s collapse to as small as 26” you will find many options for storage. However the best environment to store your ladder will be in a upright position in a cool, dry storage space.

Where can I get replacement parts?

Please contact Core Distribution Headquarters at 612-330-9915 or send an email directly. Do not use the ladder if any parts are missing or if it is not fully functioning and needs repairs.

Replacement parts offered:

  • Thumb tabs used to retract the ladder down to its storage position.
  • Foam cushion for carrying the ladder
  • Securing strap for holding ladder in secure retracted position
  • Top coupling
  • Pair of Replacement feet available for purchase.

I am having issues with my ladder. Who should I contact to get it repaired?

In the case you have an issue with your ladder please contact Core Distribution Headquarters at 612-330-9915 or send an email directly. Do not use the ladder if it is not fully functioning and needs repairs.

How do I properly close a ladder?

It is very important for your safety that the ladder is handled properly. To close the ladder, grab the latches on the highest rung within your reach and push the thumb tabs towards the center of the rung to close that section. Repeat this method until the rungs above your highest reach point are all closed. Next, disengage all rungs, one by one, from the highest open rung down until the ladder is fully closed. Also, click here for the full instructions of how to safely operate the ladder.

Is there a warranty on my ladder?

We offer a 6 month manufacturer’s defect warranty on our Xtend+Climb® telescoping models: 750P, 760P, 770P, 780P and 785P ladders. We offer a 5 year manufacturer’s defect warranty on all Xtend+Climb® telescoping Plus models: 750P+, 760P+, 770P+, 780P+, 785P+  and on all Contractor Series models. Register your warranty online today.

What is the difference between the various ladder ratings?

The ANSI A14.2017 standard prescribes the rules that govern the construction, design, testing, care and use of portable metal ladders or various types and styles. Ladder types of rating are:

Special-Duty, Type IAA, 375-pound working load

Extra Heavy-Duty, Type IA ,300-pound working load

Heavy-Duty, Type I, 250-pound working load

Medium-Duty, Type II, 225-pound working load

Light-Duty, Type III, 200-pound working load

Are the Xtend+Climb® Ladders certified for safety?

Yes. Our Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladders are certified by the latest ANSI A14.2-2017 standards and CSA (Canadian Standards Association) and OSHA approved making them the safest telescoping ladders on the market.

You haven’t answered my question. Is there someone I can contact or talk to?

If you have any questions about Xtend+Climb® products or store policies that have not been answered by this FAQ section, please fill out our customer service request form on the contact page. Click here and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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