Xtend+Climb 770P: Used by Minnesota Law Enforcement

We’re proud to say that Xtend+Cimb telescoping ladders are used by a broad range of professionals, including law enforcement. Here’s a note sent to us by a Minnesota law enforcement professional, who recently used the 770P to retrieve evidence.

When Police Officers need a ladder, they almost always have to borrow one from the Fire Department, Public Works, or from willing citizens. Transporting a ladder is cumbersome and takes up too much space. The Xtend+Climb ladder solves that problem. The collapsing feature of the Xtend+Climb ladder makes it compact, versatile, and easily stored in any vehicle.

The tactical narcotics unit I work in mostly operate in plainclothes and unmarked vehicles, so the tools we use must be easily concealed in our vehicles. One of our tools is the Xtend+Climb 770 ladder. After 10 years of continuous service, the ladder has taken a beating and some parts were loosening. But it was still durable enough to use at any given time. After a part finally broke that made one step not lock into place anymore, I contacted Core Distributing for options. The customer service was top notch and we got our old 770 replaced with a brand new 770.

Officer Jomar Villamor
Minnesota Law Enforcement Officer

Officer Jomar Villamor using the Xtend+Climb 770 ladder to recover a bag thrown by a fleeing narcotics suspect as the Police moved in and arrested him. The bag was found to contain a quantity of crystal methamphetamine and a loaded handgun.

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