Xtend+Climb 785P: Our Most Popular Pro Series Telescoping Ladder

We previously listed the reason why our 770p telescoping ladder is our most popular Home Series ladder. This week, we’re going to discuss our most popular Pro Series model: the mighty Xtend+Climb 785p telescoping ladder.

Fully extended, the 785p is a sizable ladder with a platform height of 15.5 feet and a reach height of 19.5 feet. Even so, it’s lightweight, compact and transportable. Let’s look at the features and learn why this is a great ladder for a professional, or even a the DIY homeowner that performs the most rugged jobs. Let’s break it down and look at the highlights.

Lightweight: The 785 weighs in at a svelte 36 pounds, which is remarkably light for a ladder with a 19.5 feet of reach. You can carry a tool box in one hand, and a ladder in the other, and walk up a flight of stairs.  None of this comes with a penalty: the 785p: is still ANSI Type I rated for 250 pounds.

Compact: The durability and strength of the ladder also comes at no expense to it’s ability to be compact. The ladder is 36.5 high and 19.75 inches closed.  Having a ladder this size has several advantages. It’s easy to store on or off the job site, or to take with you and avoid on-site storage completely.

Transportable: Not only is it able to fit in the back of any pickup truck, it can ride up front in the drivers seat as well. Or loan it to a friend, and they can easily put it in the back of their car. Just make sure they give it back!

Clearly, the 785p is a great telescoping ladder for professionals or organizations that need the advantages of a lightweight, compact and transportable telescoping ladder.  It’s a perfect ladder for painters or construction contractors. It’s also widely used in warehouses, manufacturing plants and large-scale facilities such as hotel chains.

Although it’s definitely a professional-grade ladder, don’t write the 785p ladder off for home use, either. With a 19.5 inch reach, it’s our tallest ladder making it the clear choice for homeowners that need to get above the first floor.

Check out our dealer locator for stores that carry the Xtend+climb 785p near you.

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