770P: Our Most Popular Home Series Telescoping Ladder

The 770P telescoping ladder is consistently our most popular Home Series model. Why? Let’s start with the features of the ladder itself.

  • Lightweight: Weighing only 27lbs, the 770p is easy to lift and move.
  • Compact: It collapses down to 32 inches, closed. It’s 22 inches wide, and 5 inches deep. Just a bout the size of a single folded sawhorse. Compare that to a standard aluminum extension ladder!
  • Transportable: given its dimension and weight, the 770p, like all Xtend+Climb ladders, are easy to move. They fit in the trunk or backseat of any car, or take up just a small area of any pickup bed. Any car can transport one.
  • Easy to Use: You have to try one to believe it, but an Xtend+Climb ladder is completely intuitive in the way it expands, locks in place and collapses. You have to try one to believe it.

With a 16.5 foot reach height, the 770p is our tallest Home Series ladder. That makes it a perfect choice for most homes, either as an indoor or outdoor ladder. Jobs like painting and cleaning the gutters are easier and faster to do when you don’t have to store or carry a larger extension ladder. Also, being able to move a ladder from one location to another isn’t something everyone thinks about when purchasing a ladder, but trust us, when it comes up, it’s nice to not have to borrow a friends truck to move a ladder.

So who is it for? The 770P a good fit for pretty much anyone other than a professional contractor (we typically recommend our Pro Series to them). Do-it-yourselfers that continually improve their home will appreciate the ergonomic True Telescoping design features. It’s great for houses or lofts with tall walls.

The 770P is also a good ladder for people that don’t use a ladder very much and have limited storage space. You don’t need to lay it flat along the garage wall (where things get stacked on top of it), and you don’t need to have a 16 foot wall to lean it against. It takes up just about as much space as a folded lawn chair.

Check out our dealer locator to find a store that carries the 770P near you.

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