ANSI Type IAA 375 lbs
Step Stools

The Xtend+Climb® StableStep WT3 Step Stool is valued for its ultimate stablility and strength. This 3 step stool exceeds standards with an ANSI Type IAA 375 lbs duty rating. Given its superior strength, this ladder is made from industrial grade aluminum allowing for a lightweight design. The key performance qualities of the StableStep are its 8 inch deep steps with non-slip tread, which ascend in a stair-like format, and topped off with a locking bar, making it easy to go up and down with maximum stability and safety. With the combination of the lightweight quality, superior strength, and the signature 8 inch deep stair-like steps, the StableStep W3 is great for duties around the home which call for repetitive climbing and/or long periods of standing. You might be re-organizing your garage, digging out your holiday decoration from storage, or tackling some spring cleaning – with a 8.5 foot reach height, the StableStep will make the reaching and carrying the easy part. When you are done, just fold up the W3 to its thin profile and it will stay out of the way until your next challenge.


• ANSI Type IAA 375 lbs duty rating for strength

• 8 Inch Deep Non-slip Steps and Safety bar for extra stability

• Industrial Grade aluminum for quality and durability

• Lightweight for easy lifting

• Durable rubber feet for safety


• Platform Height: 26.5 inches

• Height Closed: 44 inches

• Height Open: 50 inches

• Width: 20.5 inches

• Spread: 34 inches

• Weight: 21 pounds



ANSI Type IAA 375 lbs



Height Closed: 44 inches
Depth: 5 inches
Weight: 21 pounds


ANSI Type IAA 375 lbs
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