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SL4H Lite – Coral

ANSI Type I 250lbs
Step Stools

The Slimline Light step ladder is an excellent choice for reaching high shelves in both household and office settings. Its ultra-slim and lightweight design offers several advantages that make it a practical solution for various environments. Firstly, the slim design of the Slimline Light step ladder allows it to fit into narrow spaces, making storage convenient and space-efficient. Whether you have a small closet, limited storage area, or simply want to keep it tucked away neatly, this ladder can easily accommodate those requirements. Additionally, the lightweight construction of the Slimline Light step ladder enhances its portability. You can effortlessly carry it from room to room or even take it outside the house if needed. This versatility makes it suitable for a range of tasks and allows you to use it wherever space is a premium, whether in the home, office, or any other setting. Overall, the Slimline Light step ladder offers the essential functionality of a standard step ladder with the added benefits of an ultra-slim and lightweight design. It provides a practical solution for reaching high shelves, and its compact nature ensures easy storage and portability. Whether you have limited space or need a ladder that can be easily transported, the Slimline Light step ladder is a reliable choice.


• ANSI Type I 250 lbs duty rating for strength

• Aerospace anodized aluminum finish

• Large Platform folding steps with tread

• Fixed top handle for safe climbing

• Minimal plastic accents for a high-end look


• Platform Height: 34 inches

• Height closed: inches

• Height open: 56.4 inches

• Width: 20 inches

• Spread: 35 inches

• Weight: 12 pounds

Home Series

SL4H Lite – Coral

ANSI Type I 250lbs



Weight: 12 pounds


Reach Height: 114 inches
ANSI Type I 250lbs
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