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SL2H Lite – Aluminum

ANSI Type I 250lbs
Step Stools

If you find yourself frequently relying on a swivel chair to reach high shelves, it’s definitely time to consider investing in a step stool. The Slimline Light 2 Step is an excellent alternative to using chairs, providing a much sturdier and safer option. With ANSI type 1 certification and a load capacity of 250 lbs, you can trust in its durability and stability. The step stool is designed with treaded steps and a safety handrail, ensuring secure footing and added support while reaching higher areas. Beyond its functional features, the Slimline Light 2 Step also boasts a sophisticated design and comes in various color options. This means you won’t have to feel shy about pulling it out when guests are over, as it adds a stylish touch to your home. In terms of convenience, this step stool is extremely lightweight and slim. It is easy to move around your home or office, allowing you to use it wherever it’s needed most. Whether you choose to fold it up and stash it in your closet or leave it out for display, the Slimline Light 2 Step is designed to be practical and easily accessible whenever you require that extra step. Investing in a step stool like the Slimline Light 2 Step is definitely a step in the right direction. Not only does it provide a safer and sturdier option than using chairs, but it also adds style to your living space. Its lightweight and slim design make it easy to maneuver, ensuring you have a reliable and convenient tool for reaching high shelves or other elevated areas in your home or office.


• ANSI Type I 250 lbs duty rating for strength

• Aerospace anodized aluminum finish

• Large Platform folding steps with tread

• Fixed top handle for safe climbing

• Minimal plastic accents for a high-end look



• Platform Height: 16 inches

• Height closed: 35 inches

• Height open: 33 inches

• Width: 18 inches

• Spread: 20 inches

• Weight: 7 pounds

Home Series

SL2H Lite – Aluminum

ANSI Type I 250lbs



Height Closed: 35 inches
Depth: 3 inches
Weight: 7 pounds


ANSI Type I 250lbs
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