Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Telescoping Ladders and Step Stools

Mother’s Day upon us, and if you’re like most people, your mom has nearly everything she needs.  But think a little bit more: think of what they have that could be better. Perhaps there’s an old wooden ladder, around the house or a big aluminum extension ladder in the garage. Maybe the ladder is shared between dad and herself, and it’s a less than ideal situation.

Here are three recommendations for Mother’s Day now that spring has arrived:

750P Xtend+Climb Telescoping Ladder750P Home Series Telescoping Ladder: Versatile and Lightweight

Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladders make great gifts because they are lightweight, easy to use, store, and transport.  Easy storage is key around the house. Many traditional ladders are stored in garages or the back of closets because they take up so much vertical space.  If you can’t easily get to the ladder, then it’s of little utility.

Our 750P ladder closes down to 27×18 inches, and fully extends to 8.5 feet. It’s perfect for multiple jobs around the home and can be stored in convenient locations for easy access.



FT2 Step StoolFT2 Ultralight Aluminum Series Step Stool

No matter how tall you are, sometimes you just need to reach a little bit further to hang a picture, put something on a shelf or change a light bulb. Two steps allows the user to reach an extra 23 inches, making the FT2 a great addition to the home tool kit. Did we mention that it only weighs 4 lbs.? That’s light.






WT2 Stable Step StoolWT2 Stable Step Stool

Built to exceed the highest ANSI and OSHA standards, the WT2 is a great gift for the mom with bigger projects. The WT2 is a step stool with a 19inch platform height, but it’s rated to a 375-pound capacity. Many of these ladders end up in wood or metal shops, or used by painters.  But they can also be used around the home or a cabin, and the WT2 closes to 31.5×17 inches. The confidence inspiring 8-inch wide no slip steps are the icing on the cake with this step stool.


Don’t forget that Mother’s Day is May 19. Order your ladder or step stool now, or find a dealer near you.

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