Ladder Review: Xtend+Climb® 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder

Here at Xtend+Climb®, we pride ourselves on producing safe, reliable, and versatile telescoping ladders. Luckily for us, the lovely writers at the blog Two To Travel’s Phaeton Journeys feel the same way! Check out their review of the Xtend+Climb® 785P Aluminum Telescoping Ladder from our Professional Series. They use it make life on the RV a little bit easier, and find that its lightweight versatility and stable structure is just what they need on the road or at home.

“We’ve had the ladder for a year and Mui’s been very happy with it[…] it’s sturdy, with none of the usual shakes and jiggles that come with tall ladders.  I felt quite comfortable climbing up to and standing on the higher rungs.” –Erin, Two To Travel’s Phaeton Journey

The 785P 15 foot telescoping ladder is our most popular industrial ladder. Rugged enough for professional use and versatile enough for households and do-it-yourselfers, this 15 foot aluminum ladder boasts lightweight alloy materials, a reach height of 19.5 feet, and weighs only 36 pounds.

Where will you use your telescoping ladder?

Find a dealer near you where you can get your own Xtend+Climb® 785P Pro Series Telescoping Ladder.

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