01Constant Innovation

With our Signature Telescoping Ladder, Xtend+Climb® was founded on the idea of innovating product markets. Our effort to continually bring paradigm-shifting products to retailers and consumers is at the heart of the Xtend+Climb® brand.

02Positive Impact

Xtend+Climb® is dedicated to providing a positive impact on the daily lives of our customers by delivering products that are easy to use, save time, and increase productivity.

03Safety + Usability

At Xtend+Climb® safety always comes first. Xtend+Climb® always addresses areas where safety and usability can be improved in the climbing market.

Our History

The Xtend+Climb® brand was launched by Core Distribution, Inc. in 2001. Core Distribution, Inc is a product designer, global manufacturer and supplier dedicated to bringing innovative patented product to consumers worldwide.

Since 2001, Xtend+Climb® has been awarded 47 patents for climbing products, which has not only made us a worldwide leader in climbing innovation, but the world’s largest manufacturer of telescoping ladders.


Patents Inventions have been awarded since 2001.


Countries have X+C product distribution.


The year X+C started developing products.

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