Xtend+Climb® Home Series vs. Pro Series: What’s the Difference?

When you’re thinking about purchasing an Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladder, we want to make sure you choose the best one for your needs. You’ll notice that we design home series models in addition to professional series models. Let’s go through the run-down of their differences.

Xtend+Climb Pro Series Telescoping Ladders

The Pro Series of Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladders is designed with industrial use in mind. They are used by thousands of construction contractors, painters, maintenance and warehouse professionals. These ladders include the 780P785P and SL675P models. In addition to being ultra-portable and lightweight, the pro series telescoping ladders feature:

  • higher-duty ratings, rated for ANSII type IA and type I
  • tall reach heights, with the 785P featuring a reach height of 19.5 feet!
  • double over-mold feet for secure traction
  • lightweight alloy material
Xtend+Climb Home Series Telescoping Ladder

The Home Series Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladders have many of the same great features but are designed with the homeowner or do-it-yourselfer in mind. These models include the 750P760P and 770P. They are ideal in strength and size to keep around the house. These telescoping ladders are:

  • compact
  • lightweight & portable, with the strength suitable for homeowner applications
  • available in various sizes for chores around the house
  • same operation and safety features as our Pro Series
  • great gifts!

Both series feature our patented True Telescoping Technology™, are ultra-portable, lightweight, and versatile. Regardless of which one you choose you’ll find that an Xtend+Climb® telescoping ladder becomes a vital part of your tool collection.

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