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Kick and It Rolls, Step and It Stays. Our compact, lightweight Stable Stool rolls where needed, then casters underneath to retract to a non-skid bumper when you step on it. Supports a whopping 300lbs, has a wraparound bumper to protect furniture and walls from nicks and scratches, and is designed for a lifetime of dependable use. You will find dozens of uses for it.

  • Helps you access items up high
  • Glides with a gentle push of the foot
  • Locks in place when downward pressure is applied
  • Made to last a lifetime -Durable plastic
  • Multiple color options to match any décor

Specialty Step Stools Blue Stable Stool


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Storage Stats Icon

Storage Stats

  • Height Closed: 15 inches
  • Width: 16 inches
  • Depth: 16 inches
  • Weight: 5 pounds
Height Overview Icon

Height Overview

  • Safe Working height: 15 inches
  • Reach Height: 6-7 feet