Uncategorized | 14 October 2015

A 30-Day Trial – Part II

*Disclaimer: Conley was not compensated for this interview, and was not directed to answer questions in any specific way. About a month ago, Mike Conley of Aura Construction, LLC agreed to take part in a 30-day trail with Xtend+Climb. We gave Conley two new telescoping ladders, the 780p and the 785p, and asked him to compare with his regular ladders. Once the 30 days were up, we sat down with Conley again to talk about…

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Uncategorized | 28 September 2015

The 4 Seasons of Home Repair: A Checklist

Annual home repair not only creates a happier living environment, but also saves money in the long run and keeps your home looking and functioning great. With this year-round home-maintenance checklist, you can keep up-to-date on all your homeowner needs. Fall Everyone knows spring-cleaning is essential, but not many know that fall cleaning is just as important. With cold weather approaching, living in a tidy, well-maintained house will make you and your family feel safe…

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Telescoping Ladders | 10 September 2015

7 Home Projects That Require a Telescoping Ladder- Exterior Edition.

Is it just us or is there something about the early days of fall that really makes you want to get the home ready for winter? September is the perfect time to prepare yourself and your home for some serious nesting. Last fall we showed you Seven DIY Projects That Require a Telescoping Ladder, this time around we want to show you some projects that will have you working outdoors. Replace exterior light bulbs Before the dark days of…

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Telescoping Ladders | 25 August 2015

The 30 Day Trial: Part I

 The 30 Day Trial: Part I *Disclaimer: This contractor was not compensated. Michael Conley, owner of Aura Construction LLC, recently agreed to sit down with us and talk about ladders – something every construction worker needs. Conley knows first-hand that not all ladders are the same, which is why we asked him to test out two of our Xtend + Climb ladders (780p and 785p) for 30 days. He’ll use this time to compare the…

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Telescoping Ladders | 3 August 2015

In the field – A Q&A with Earl the Home Inspector

*Disclaimer: This interview was not compensated. The following Q&A took place on 7/9/2015 with a real home inspector who really uses Xtend+Climb. Every Day. Q: Earl, tell us a little bit about what you do. A: I’m a home inspector. I inspect homes for potential home-buyers to find any potential problems they may encounter upon the purchase of a home that would lead to additional expense for them. Q: How long have you been in…

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Innovative Climbing Solutions

Telescoping Ladders | 10 June 2015

6 People Who Need an Xtend+Climb Ladder (It’s Not Who You Think!)

A ladder? No, not just a ladder. A symbol of self-reliance, of life change, of moving on and moving up. Practical? Yes. Meaningful? Yes! So what’s the problem? Well, their size posts an obvious issue to most people who don’t own a ladder. At Xtend+Climb, we’ve removed the space barrier and created a strong, durable, safe product that now grants access to any space from any storage place. So who needs a ladder? Well, we’ll…

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